Depression Treatment Plan: Why am I Depressed?

depression treatment plan

Being depressed is frustrating, but there are some concrete steps you can take to help yourself get better. A good depression treatment plan is the key.   There is no blood test for depression, no easy way to “prove” that you are depressed, and sometimes you might even not fully acknowledge …

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CBT Worksheets: Where to find free CBT Handouts

free cbt worksheets

Both therapists & clients often look for free Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT worksheets to complete as cognitive behavioral therapy exercises between therapy sessions as well as tools to discover underlying thoughts.  CBT activities can take many forms, but some of the best CBT interventions are cognitive behavioral therapy exercises on CBT …

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Books on CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

books on cbt

This article is about the best books on CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy.  There are many books out there on this topic and some of them are specialized to a particular disorder or set of disorders, but this list aims to be the list of the best books on cognitive behavioral …

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How to overcome depression

overcoming depression

Someone asked me how to overcome depression.  This was my answer: There are many things you can do to start overcoming clinical depression, and which ones work best for you will depend on your personality: Make a list of all the things that have ever brought you joy. Do one …

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Are you afraid to open up to your counselor?

opening up to counselor

I recently had a question from a person who was having difficulty opening up to her counsellor.  She could not even look her counselor in the eye and felt she was her counselor’s worst client. Opening up to a stranger can be strange I wonder how many people are in the …

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