CBT Worksheets: Where to find free CBT Handouts

free cbt worksheets

Both therapists & clients often look for free Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT worksheets to complete as cognitive behavioral therapy exercises between therapy sessions as well as tools to discover underlying thoughts.  CBT activities can take many forms, but some of the best CBT interventions are cognitive behavioral therapy exercises on CBT …

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Books on CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

books on cbt

This article is about the best books on CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy.  There are many books out there on this topic and some of them are specialized to a particular disorder or set of disorders, but this list aims to be the list of the best books on cognitive behavioral …

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Mental Health Resources

mental health resources

These are mental health resources for therapists and for people suffering from mental health issues.  I will be updating this page as time goes on and I would appreciate your help in making it even better.  Please feel free to suggest the sites that you find most helpful in the …

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