9 Epic Assertiveness Techniques

In my first article about assertiveness, I explained what assertiveness is and the difference between assertiveness and aggression.  In this article, I will expand on that and provide some specific assertiveness techniques and examples of how to use them. I will intersperse some links to books and workbooks on assertiveness …

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Assertiveness Introduction: What is the Assertive Response?

assertive response

Assertiveness is one of my favorite topics because it offers a very concrete set of tools, which I will explain in this and other articles.  The exciting part about assertiveness is that once you truly master it, it will improve your communication with your friends, family, children, and business associates. …

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Best Supplements for Depression: Nutrition and Depression

best supplements for depression

What are the best supplements for depression?  Or, rather, what is the best diet and/or supplements to prevent or lessen the impact of depression?  There is a wealth of scientific information linking poor nutritional intake to depression. There are two ways to look at this: 1. Poor nutrition leads to depression. 2. …

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Effective Treatments for Depression: How to Cure Depression

effective treatments for depression

This article is called, “How to cure depression,” but I am going to tell you right away that the fact is that there is not one single, magical cure for all depression.  Anyone who tells you differently is either a liar or trying to sell you something.  Or both.  There …

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I’m Depressed for No Reason – Why Some People Feel Depressed

Some people feel, “I’m depressed for no reason,” and this is a confusing situation to be in and also often baffles friends and family.  However, clinical depression (major depressive disorder) does not require a reason in order to show up.  Depression needs no invitation to come to the party of …

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List of CBT techniques – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

list of cbt techniques

Several people have asked for a comprehensive list of CBT techniques.  What is CBT in psychology?  CBT refers to cognitive behavioral therapy.  CBT is a very popular form of therapy because it has been proven to be effective for a large number of people suffering from anxiety, depression, and other …

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Does marijuana cause depression?

Does marijuana cause depression

Some people wonder, “does marijuana cause depression?”  I have yet to find a good, solid site with answers on this topic, so I thought I would delve in. Is marijuana a depressant? First, is marijuana a depressant?  Yes.  Marijuana is classified as a depressant drug.  However, what does that mean, …

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Depression symptoms according to DSM-5 & ICD-10

depression symptoms

What are the diagnostic criteria for depression?  In other words, what are the “official” depression symptoms? Sometimes people might say that they feel depressed when what they mean is that they feel sad or down in the dumps.  In my article “Is depression an emotion?” I discuss the difference between the …

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