Bad Ass Crafts to Keep Your Mind off Your Troubles

Sometimes it is hard to keep your mind off your troubles. Whether or not you suffer from mental illness or addiction, often keeping your hands and mind occupied with tasks that may or may not seem pointless can help you to keep your balance.

  1. Funny Cross Stitch Patterns – Some are funny. Some might be rude or subversive. But, either way, these are not your Grandma’s cross stitch. Enjoy the meditative peace of cross stitch and, if someone glances at your canvas, it might say something inspirational such as “Eat a Bag of Dicks.” Don’t know how to cross stitch? This is what I love about living in the age of YouTube! Click here for more subversive cross stitch patterns.
  2. Amigurumi – What is Amigurumi? I hear you asking this. And if so, oh, you have been missing out. This is a Japanese style of crochet for making small, realistic dolls. Be sure you are purchasing the pattern or the doll. I mean, make sure you are ordering what you want so you get what you want. Isn’t that the key to so much of life’s joy? Knowing what we want in the first place and then remembering to ask for it clearly. But I digress. There are several patterns I think are super amazing:
  3. Quilling – Did you say quilting? No. I said “quilling.” This is an intricate art of twirling little bits of paper around and making pictures out of that. Like any craft, results can vary. But the point is that it is absorbing.
  4. Weaving loom kits
  5. Candle making kits
  6. UV Resin DIY kits – I want to try this!

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