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So far, I have focused the articles in this blog on depression to the point that some might have assumed that this is (secretly?) a depression blog.  I think depression is an important topic and I will likely continue to post articles that focus on depression since it is an area about which I am knowledgeable and I think there are some gaps in the on-line knowledge.

Topics that I want to cover in the coming weeks include assertiveness, self-esteem, and anxiety.  I will be posting an article or two per week in one of these areas.

The purpose of this blog in general is several-fold, and I think I will copy and paste this section to the “about” portion of my blog because it belongs there as well:

  1.  For members of the public – to learn about matters of mental health.
  2.  For people suffering from mental illness – to learn more about their illness and connect with free or low cost resources and worksheets.
  3.  For mental health practitioners – to connect with free or low cost resources and worksheets for your clients.

I am working on my Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology.  I have a lot of studies under my belt already, and I try to be thorough in my research.  However, if you ever notice that I got a detail or concept wrong, please point it out to me, preferably privately through the contact form, but in the comments is okay also.  I would rather have errors pointed out one way or the other!  (Not that I plan on making any.)


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