How to be more assertive in one easy step

how to be more assertive

Many people talk about assertiveness and being assertive, but not everyone truly understands what being assertive is.  What is the meaning of assertive?  While there are many different assertiveness techniques, and I have outlined the main ones in the article 9 Assertiveness techniques to use in any situation, this article discusses…

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Assertiveness Introduction – What is the Assertive Response? – Assertive communication examples

assertive response

Assertiveness is one of my favorite topics because it offers a very concrete set of tools, which I will explain in this and other articles.  The exciting part about assertiveness is that once you truly master it, it will improve your communication with your friends, family, children, and business associates.…

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Rules of a Fair Fight in Relationships

rules of a fair fight

The rules of a fair fight are essential to a healthy, happy relationship because when we don’t follow them, conflict can become hurtful as well as off-topic and not fruitful.  When there is a clear, open line of communication, conflict is inevitable, and that is actually a good thing (I…

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9 Assertiveness Techniques to use in any situation

It is important to be able to stand up for yourself using assertiveness techniques.  In my first article about assertiveness, I explained what assertiveness is and the difference between assertiveness and aggression.  In this article, I will expand on that and provide some specific assertiveness techniques and examples of how…

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