Self care blog: How to take care of yourself from the inside out


This is the first of several self care blog posts.  This one focuses on general aspects of self care that apply to everyone. You might have been told that you need to take better care of yourself, but advice like that can seem pretty useless if you have no clue how…

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Are you afraid to open up to your counselor?

opening up to counselor

I recently had a question from a person who was having difficulty opening up to her counsellor.  She could not even look her counselor in the eye and felt she was her counselor’s worst client. Opening up to a stranger can be strange I wonder how many people are in the…

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Blog Direction

So far, I have focused the articles in this blog on depression to the point that some might have assumed that this is (secretly?) a depression blog.  I think depression is an important topic and I will likely continue to post articles that focus on depression since it is an…

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