Free cognitive behavioral therapy worksheets – the best cognitive behavioral therapy exercises

CBT worksheets are very important psychology tools.  Both therapists & clients often look for free cognitive behavioral therapy exercises – or cognitive behavioral therapy worksheets – to complete as CBT homework between therapy sessions as well as using them as CBT self help worksheets to discover underlying thoughts.  CBT activities can take many forms, but some of the best CBT interventions are cognitive behavioral therapy exercises on cognitive behavioral therapy worksheets and/or CBT handouts. (continued…)

This is a guide to some of the best psychology tool sites where you can find free cognitive behavioral therapy worksheets.  CBT handouts and cognitive behavioral therapy worksheets may be a part of therapy or they may be something you complete on your own in order to gain a deeper understanding of the thoughts that are behind the behavioral patterns that you are trying to change.  Either way, these CBT interventions can be a very useful part of your recovery process.  Actually sitting down and doing the work on the cognitive behavioral therapy worksheets is what will make these psychology tools work for you.  Interspersed in this article are cognitive behavioral therapy workbook recommendations for people who prefer to do cognitive behavioral therapy in a workbook format.

Doing cognitive behavioral therapy exercises is actually the foundation of cognitive behavioral therapy.  Without actually doing the cognitive behavioral therapy exercises on paper, the benefits of CBT are not as significant.

(If you are wondering what CBT is, you can take a peek at this page, which explains CBT.) (continued…)

cognitive behavioral therapy exercises

Cognitive behavioral therapy worksheets: Sites that provide free cognitive behavioral therapy exercises

  1. website –  Psychology Tools is a great site because it provides, well, psychology tools, and a lot of them free of charge.  There are a large number of psychology tools here including a wealth of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy exercises in the form of cognitive behavioral therapy worksheets (i.e. CBT worksheets), CBT Handouts, and CBT self help worksheets.  This site has a comprehensive set of psychology tools and free CBT worksheets pdf format as well as html format.
  2. website – This is another great site that contains a plethora of psychology tools including free downloadable CBT worksheets as well as cognitive behavioral therapy handouts in pdf format.  Therapist Aid is well known to be an excellent source of cognitive behavioral therapy exercises as well as an excellent provider of psychological tools in general for non-CBT therapy.
  3. Self Help CBT handouts There are many unusual and very useful free cognitive behavioral therapy worksheets and CBT handouts on this site.  There are a very large number of CBT resources here.  If you want to download all the CBT worksheets as a single package, the site provides a way to do this for a small fee.  Otherwise, you can download the CBT worksheet pdfs one at a time for free.  They also have a free pdf downloadable self-help course in CBT.
  4. University of Washington Center for Sexual Assault and Traumatic Stress – Therapist Resources – There are many excellent psychological tools here (both CBT and non-CBT) that are specifically oriented towards victims of trauma.  If you are looking for trauma focused CBT for adults worksheets or just trauma focused cbt worksheets in general, this is the right site. There is really a wealth of useful information and resources here as well as cognitive behavioral therapy worksheets and other therapy worksheets.
  5. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – free cognitive behavioral therapy worksheets, PDF handouts, and forms.
  6. – Free CBT Therapist resources.  This includes free cognitive behavioral therapy worksheets.  A nice tidy list of CBT worksheets.
  7. Lynn Martin’s CBT handouts – These are, for the most part, purely CBT handouts in the sense that they provide very useful information about cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), but there are not a lot of actual CBT worksheets on this site for clients to fill out.  That being said, there is a mood disorder questionnaire that might help you determine if your client should be referred to someone for a mood disorder, so there are definitely some very useful psychological tools here.
  8. Veronica Walsh’s CBT Blog – Several fun and informative cognitive behavioral therapy worksheets in pdf form.  Her CBT worksheets are very well done.  They are free for self-help purposes, and she asks that therapists request permission to use them with clients, but adds that she is likely to say yes.  Wonderful psychological tools.
  9. CBT Handouts – A handful of cognitive behavioral therapy worksheets oriented towards therapists from Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Basics and Beyond by Judith Beck.  Dr. Judith Beck is famous in her own right, but her father, Dr. Aaron Beck, was one of the founding fathers of CBT.

Additional Psychology Tools: Therapy Exercises and Therapy Worksheets that are not necessarily CBT

These are a list of sites with interesting psychology tools: exercises and worksheets that are not necessarily CBT, but might be of interest anyhow, both to therapists and clients:

Centre for Clinical Interventions – This website is full of useful information and resources for a number of different problems.  The main link provided gives resources for consumers, but they also have a briefer worksheet section for therapists here Personal Growth Exercises – Personal growth exercises and handouts.


There are a lot of excellent resources out there for free cognitive behavioral therapy worksheets on which you can do cognitive behavioral therapy exercises.  Which CBT worksheets to use really depends on whether you are a therapy professional or a client.  Also, it depends on what type of problem you are dealing with.  For example, if you are looking specifically for trauma focused CBT for adults worksheets or trauma focused CBT worksheets, the University of Washington site is probably the best site.  There are also sections of some sites that are dedicated to, for example, cognitive behavioral therapy worksheets for anxiety and depression.

  • Please let me know if there are any other useful free cognitive behavioral therapy worksheets sites that I have missed.  I tried to keep the list of sites that offer cognitive behavioral therapy worksheets short, but relevant. Sites listed either have a very large number of CBT worksheets or interesting/unusual CBT worksheets with interesting cognitive behavioral therapy exercises.


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