If you are in crisis, get help immediately!

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I decided this was important enough to deserve its own page: If you are in a serious depression right now, and you think you might be a danger to yourself, please reach out for support. Keep reaching out until you get proper help. I would suggest starting by calling your local emergency number if you are actually on the verge of harming yourself. Alternately, you could call a local distress line or hotline in your area.
World wide list of crisis lines

Another International Suicide Hotline List

International Association for Suicide Prevention, a division of the World Health Association

An easy to see at a glance list of help lines by country

Emergency numbers around the world – pdf file

Emergency numbers Wikipedia.


It is brave to reach out for help when you need it.

It can be challenging to reach out for help. And you may get great help the first time you reach out or it may take talking to a few different people or organizations before you find the support you need. Please remember that you deserve the help. Not everyone understands depression and other mental illnesses. They might not really know what you are going through. Keep looking until you find someone who understands and can help. If you are in severe crisis, your local emergency number is the place to start (in my area, it is 9-1-1, but it varies in different parts of the world). And if, for some reason, they send you away (and I have heard of this happening), please call them back. Not all emergency personnel are properly trained to deal with mental illness and take it as seriously as they should.

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