Distraction is one of the best ways to ease anxiety – Here’s Why

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Distraction is one of the best ways to ease anxiety!

Here’s Why:

Almost everyone with anxiety finds themselves dwelling on their feelings at any given moment.  It makes sense, then, that in order to rapidly move away from generalized anxiety you need to engage regularly in an activity that stimulates you, and holds your complete attention, something in which you can become completely absorbed.

In other words you need to throw yourself 100% into life!  Anything that distracts you is a valuable tool in removing attention from the uncomfortable sensations of anxiety that may be lingering in your body.

(I hope you enjoy this helpful guest post by Barry Joe McDonagh, author/creator of the excellent Panic Away program that has helped thousands of people learn to overcome panic and anxiety attacks naturally.  I am an affiliate of this product, but that is because I believe in its ability to truly live up to the hype and help people, which, to me, is the most important thing since so many people are completely debilitated by anxiety and panic.)

Panic Away
Helping to End Panic Attacks and General Anxiety Attacks Naturally
In the past 10 years, The Panic Away Program has touched over 70,000+ lives in 32 countries worldwide. Everyone has used it from soccer moms to famous celebrities.

The less you have to fully occupy your mind, the more time you have to obsess over anxious sensations and thoughts. I am sure you have noticed that when you are doing something you enjoy or that really holds your attention, you ‘check in’ less frequently to measure your anxiety level.

Quite simply, the more you fully engage with life, the less stagnant and anxious you will feel.

Some of the activities that might possibly interest you:

There are so many things you might be interested in.  However, just to name a few: gardening, playing a musical instrument, sport, writing, drawing, or simply having a good conversation with a friend. Find something that you can repeat on a regular basis that you really enjoy doing or that at very least holds your full attention.

Volunteering can be an excellent way to distract yourself if you find you have too much time on your hands even with your current interests and responsibilities. Focus on something that you like to do or some skill you have and think about how you can use this to benefit others.  It could be anything from helping the elderly, looking after animals or environmental conservation.

Even one or two hours a week spent volunteering will  not only increase your self-esteem, but it will help shake off the lingering feelings of isolation or loneliness which so often accompany anxiety.

Panic Away
Helping to End Panic Attacks and General Anxiety Attacks Naturally
In the past 10 years, The Panic Away Program has touched over 70,000+ lives in 32 countries worldwide. Everyone has used it from soccer moms to famous celebrities.

You are needed.  You probably do not realize that there is an organization near you desperately seeking a volunteer like you to help them.

Distraction is a tried and true technique.  The subtle art of distraction has often been used to help people refocus and avoid concentrating on physical or emotional discomfort. For example, if you are recently heartbroken, a caring friend might invite you out on the town to have some fun.

Even dentists and doctors frequently use distraction techniques to distract the patient from a physical discomfort they may be experiencing, by giving them something else to focus on.

Why distraction?  The purpose of using distraction, for people who want to live anxiety free, is to have new experiences to replace the anxious feelings.

If you imagine that all the fearful anxious thoughts that go through your mind are like a video streaming directly from your brain to your life. Concentrating on some activity immediately cuts the feed and brings you to the present moment.

When you are fully engaged with life there is no room for any anxiety to form. This mental space you create enables both your body and mind time to become less sensitized to the anxiety.  This is the basis of how mindfulness works.  (See: What is mindfulness in plain English?)

By doing something you enjoy and are good at, you build confidence. You tell yourself that the path of anxiety is not one you wish to travel anymore and that you will put your focus elsewhere.

The more time you give to following rewarding pursuits, the easier it is for your body to relax and return to a natural state of peace.

Combine this with my ONE MOVE technique and people often look back weeks later and cannot believe how much has changed.  They ask themselves if they really were that person who was crippled by anxiety as they move forward in their lives with confidence.

It is important to note that this is not a quick fix or a miracle cure.  It takes a few weeks to reduce feelings of general anxiety using distraction and my ONE MOVE technique.  That is normal.  It is about as fast as it takes some medications to kick in, but it is all natural. After a few weeks, you can finally come back to feeling more yourself.

Let me remind you that I (Barry) am here to work with you if you want to learn more about my course and the One Move technique which has turned so many peoples lives around.

I’m so confident that my program will help you conquer your anxiety, that I offer an 8 week trial. If you do not benefit from the course you can have your money refunded immediately.

My course Panic Away has proved highly successful with both long and short term sufferers of panic attacks.

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Here are some examples of how the course has helped others:

“Hi there. Just a quick note to say thank-you. I’ve struggled with panic attacks for the past 31 years. I’m very happy that I kept looking! More than happy actually – my life is changing daily as it all comes back together again.

Thanks again, R Edington”

“Thank you, I just read this book and already I feel more confident. I’ve read and bought other panic solutions and this one finally taught me how to accept the anxiety and panic in a way I could understand. I wish I’d known about this when I was a teenager. Anyway I feel better just knowing about this technique. Thank you again for caring about people.

P.S. I can’t believe this valuable information costs so little, I bought one program for almost $300.00″
R. J – .Woodbridge, Suffolk.

“Hi Barry, I am so glad you reached out to me. I want you to know that your technique worked and I no longer suffer from Panic Attacks. Prior to purchasing your book I went to a therapist, and my attacks were only getting worse.

I knew they had nothing to do with childhood trauma or any other aspect the therapist was focusing on. I was frustrated because I wanted her to help me manage the panic, now, not spend time figure out what was causing them.

The panic attacks began to interfering with my quality of life. Your book empowered me to help myself, and to better understand what was happening to me physically during the attack. As opposed to a definition of what a panic attack is.

You cannot rationalize a definition when your mind and body take over and you are out of control. And I believe that is the most important aspect, understanding what is happening to you physically and that it is not dangerous or fatal. And how to regain control of your own body.

I was very skeptical purchasing something online that gets emailed to you after you pay for it. I was fearful it was a scam. But I was so desperate. So, thank you kindly. Your book really helped me. It allowed me get myself and my life back!!

Warmest Regards,


…I encourage you to take a chance with this course. As a former sufferer I would not pretend to have a solution if I did not honestly believe it could be of great benefit to you.

Together we can get you truly panic free.

P.S. Additional bonus: I am currently offering an opportunity to people who purchase the program this month, to have free one to one sessions with me so that I can ensure you get the results you need. All I ask is that should you feel the course has been of tremendous benefit to you that I add you to a database I am currently updating of success stories.

I hope this information has been helpful to you.

Barry Joe McDonagh

Panic Away

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Panic away

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