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The Holidays are Just around the Corner…

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Amazon, the Everything Store

Way, way back, many centuries ago, when the internet was kind of a new, cool thing, this company, Amazon, came into being.  I was skeptical.  I mean, really skeptical.  Number 1: Why would people want to buy books online instead of browsing in a nice, cosy bookstore?  Number 2: Why would anyone want to pay for shipping and then wait for their order instead of just going to the bookstore?  Well, color me totally wrong, wrong, wrong.  Clearly, my business acumen is not what I might have hoped it to be because Amazon is taking over the universe.  And books?  They are just the tip of the Amazon iceberg.  Best selling products on Amazon, updated hourly.

Gourmet Coffee and Tea

Coffee is great to purchase as a gift for someone else or for yourself. The thing I love about buying coffee during the holiday season is that sometimes we might forget to purchase an important gift like for a secret Santa at work, for a friend, or for someone else we care about. Since most people enjoy a good gourmet coffee, it is hard to go wrong with a few packages of high quality coffee on standby. And if you don't end up giving them away? Yum!


Almost as versatile as coffee, there are many options to suit many budgets to delight the wine lover on your list. In addition to wine there are wine accessories such as gorgeous wine glasses, etc.

T-shirts - Funny, Christmas, Custom, Maternity...

Silk Road Tees - Some Christmas-themed tees, some geek tees, and, for some reason, a large selection of funny Pregnancy T-shirts. Plus, you can create a custom T-shirt.


Bakery Gifts that will make them drool like fools. I know I am drooling just looking at the photos. Sigh.

Speaking of drooling... yum. But, chocolate bacon bar? I don't know about that one. However, I know of at least two people on my list who would be thrilled to have a Mo's Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar. Even if they hated it, which, oddly, they probably wouldn't. (They also sell Mo's Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar for the dark chocolate covered bacon lover on your list).


Skin Care

Although I think aging is a natural process, if there is one person who knows about "defying"
the aging process, it would be Christie Brinkley. Save 82% on Christie Brinkley's Bio-Clock Activation System! Includes 2 Free Gifts ($100 value)!

Thinning Hair Care

Hair regrowth - can it be done? From what I have read, it is possible, but you have to keep on keeping at it. My hair is quite thin, and I have just decided to accept it, but if you are looking for solutions, this might be a good one. By the same company that produces the Chr/istie Brinkley skin care products. Keranique Reviews and Results - Real Results From Actual Users!

Holiday Grocery Shopping Online

Now you can purchase all your groceries online. Tal Depot offers free shipping for all orders over $30.  What could be more reasonable?


Give the gift of a good night's sleep this holiday season! NECTAR Sleep: The Most Comfortable Mattress

Plus Size Fashions for Christmas and Beyond!

Jewelry, charms, and things...

... I am still adding to this page, and I will be adding to it throughout the holiday season, so please check back frequently.

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